75 Smoke Detectors

I have 75 Smoke Detectors in my lab. Therefore my experience with these bugs is more than I hope for?

Problems with Smoke Detectors:

1.They require more attention than is necessary,

2  If one goes off then others will also go off, so it is very time-consuming to find the single smoke detector that is causing the problem. 

3.  Manufacturers keep changing the electrical connectors every few years, so one cannot depend on an easy replacement  installation.

4.  I found that it is best to take down the smoke detectors in an empty house.

5. Smoke Detectors in an empty house announce to the world that no one is home, so bad people know which house to enter.

6. Smoke Detectors are not needed if, no one is sleeping in an empty house.

7. Most of the time problems with smoke detectors start with dead batteries, or batteries that have been installed incorrectly.

8. Smoke Detectors , I have found ,  last about 7 years before they need to be replaced.

9. Smoke Detectors are a pain in the behind. If they save your life, then they are worth it.

10. Carbon Monoxide Detectors are another problem. Start by asking your fire department , if your Carbon Monoxide Detectors are installed correctly. Most home builders don’t know how to install them.  Enough said bout this.