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Homes are never alone?

Look, I am an Architect so I like looking at houses and walking through their spaces. I never thought about it until I decided to pay attention to what I was seeing and hearing while I was in empty homes. I want to record what I have witnessed  and keep adding to this collection of notes because I believe that homes are never truly alone. I am recording my notes but there is no dated order or  most important to the least important. Here is what I have seen, heard and felt.

Art work keeps moving?

This house has a collection of Art on the walls. It was all  framed by professionals. I visited this house over a period of 5 months. I never noticed anything different or being moved about the house. Then one day, I visited the house and all the art work on  the walls had moved.The framed pieces had all been moved into a 45 degree or 60 degree angle. This happened to the art work in the entire house.  I could never figure this one out.

Garage Door kept Vibrating?

I am very familiar with garage doors vibrating when they are hit by the wind. This has happened to me more than once with all the rentals in the family. I was outside of this empty house taking pictures. I always take pictures of an empty house before I enter the house. I just do it out of habit and I want to record over a period of time any changes that can occur to an empty house.  I had my back to the garage door.  The garage door started to vibrate. I checked for wind and there was none. I checked for anything touching the garage door and saw nothing was touching the door. I entered the house and went to the garage to view the door. I looked all around the door and nothing was touching it nor was there any pressure being applied to the door. The Garage Door on its own just decided to vibrate.


Loud bang in house.

Have you ever heard a 2 x 6 x 8ft being dropped flat onto a concrete slab. Wood, when it is dropped flat to a concrete floor, makes a very loud bang. Once you hear it you will never forget it. I was in the kitchen of this house,when I hear this loud bang. It sounded like a 2×6 being slammed to the concrete floor in a back bedroom. I went to the bedroom and saw nothing that could create this noise. This house is up in a mountain and is over 40 years old. The house is structurally sound and there is no reason for this sound to occur.  This has happen twice and maybe someday I will figure it out.

Music Coming from an empty house.

I was at the front door of this house getting ready to unlock it and I started hearing this music.The house was empty, the owners were on vacation and everything was turned off. I went into the house and the music stopped. No radio was plugged in. The television was off. There was nothing that could play music in the house. I felt that this time the entry porch was collecting radio wave from the neighborhood. I cannot explain the music I heard. 

The electric power does its own thing.

I visited this house and it was no more than 6 months old. The owners left it in good condition only the refrigerator and air conditioning were left turned on. Yet the circuit breaker to the Washing Machine kept shutting off.  This should not happen in a new house.


I believe that there is no such thing as an empty house. House are alive; they have electricity, water, sun light and are anchored to the ground, so they can move as the ground moves. Houses will always have activity inside them while their owners are away. Most of the time we cannot see this activity and other times we see little glimpses of the personality of a house.








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