Arizona: Scorpions,”Room of 1000 Scorpions”

Arizona : Living with Scorpions.  “Room of 1000 Scorpions“. 

PebbleCreek #1Growing up in Arizona, living with Scorpions has been a way of life.  They are here; they can be found everywhere. Of course, by this I mean they are living in the best of homes and in the best neighborhoods and any where else they find it possible.

The largest collection of Scorpions I have every seen in a single room, was the thousands of Scorpions living in the shower room at the Reeves Mountain School of Self Reliance in the Superstitions Mountains of Arizona. The room has stone walls. Water is heated in a large drum placed over a fire pit, then the hot water flows thru pipes to the shower heads.  The room was filled with smoke and steam, the perfect space for Scorpions. Taking a shower in this room was  an adventure.  I was never stung taking a shower at Reeves, because we were told ahead  of time to be sure to watch where we stepped and to shake out our towels and clothing before we used them.

I tell you this story to give you an example of the attraction Scorpions have to moisture.  Scorpions love moisture, so most of the time you find them in the restroom, in the bathtub, on the floor walking to your restroom. They like sleeping in your bed and if your bed coverings touch the floor you will attract sleep overs.

Getting rid of Scorpions.

Getting rid of Scorpions is easy and not an expensive process. This is how we did it.

We purchased a house in Northern Arizona and we had about 5 scorpions per week visiting us.  We could see Scorpions walking across the floor on a regular basis.  5 scorpions a week in your house is, to me, an infestation of Scorpions.  Scorpions occupy very little vertical space. So they hide in very small cracks. Our plan was to get rid of the suckers, so this is what we did: 

  • We caulked all holes and cracks in the house.
  • We removed all base boards in the house and caulked the drywall where it met the floor.
  • We put down some “Green Light” white powder and dusted all our thresholds with the powder.
  • We remove all cardboard boxes from the house.
  • We never used any pest control service in the process. 

DSCN5231We did this about 5 years ago and currently we may see a dead scorpion once a year in the house.  I believe the Green Light power kills them as they pass over the thresholds.  They are generally found dead about five feet in front of the front door. Our scorpion friends only make it 5 feet into our house. Then, adios amigos, they go to Scorpion Heaven, or someplace else?

The scorpions images on this page were taken in PebbleCreek Arizona. I am waiting for a black scorpion to die before I take its picture. Scorpions take a long time to die. They can fool you into believing they are dead by not moving for a long time. I will wait!

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