Get Pigeons Off Your Roof Ridge

I you have pigeons perching on your roof ridge, you want to read this.

Pigeons are on your roof ridge for a reason. This is their look out perch. They are up there to watch out for danger. I live in a community surrounded by houses that have their roof designed with long roof ridges. Rarely do pigeons perch on my roof ridge so I tried to analyze why this was so.

Now I don’t have spikes or bird b gone gel on my roof ridge but the pigeons don’t like my ridge. This is what I believe is making them avoid my roof ridge.

When we purchased this house, I was a crazy Master Gardener, so I planted 250 plants and dozens of trees around the house. I think that pigeons don’t like my ridge, because the trees block their clear view of on coming predators. We have small hawks in this neighborhood so these pigeons want a clear view of any approaching predators.

I will keep watching out for this but I believe this is why they do not perch on my roof ridge. Trees are a cheap solution to Pigeon Control.