The Best Home Watchers

When you hire us you get the best home watchers in the U.S.A

  1. We put customer service first and we never forget it.  Our customers are always first.

  2. We don’t charge you mileage.

  3. Fees are an agreed to sum and frozen.

  4. We don’t look for more Fees to add on.

  5. We do not charge you per hour.

  6. We visit your home as many times a week as it is necessary to keep an eye on it.

  7. We use the latest technologies to communicate with our customers.

  8. We document everything in your house on the very first visit.

  9. We watch over your home the old fashion way with a lot of care.

  10. We make sure you house always looks great while you are away.

  11. If we feel it to be necessary we install motion sensing cameras at no extra cost to you.

  12. We keep all appointments and we are always on time.

  13. We will not tell our customer something that is not true.

  14. We are serious and responsible about caring for your  home.

  15.                        Homes are peoples major asset and we watch over
  16.                       them accordingly.
  17.                    We have a lab made up or 25 properties, 17 are rentals .
  18.                     We will visit your house at night!

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